2015 House of Delegates session gets under way in San Diego

Delegates engage in policy development process at Twlug2015

The first session of the Twlug House of Delegates began on Friday to a packed room at the San Diego Convention Center.

“We are clearly expanding engagement in Twlug policy development processes,” said William Riffee, PhD, Twlug House of Delegates Speaker, who presided over the session.

As part of the Association’s policy development process, the more than 315 delegates present in the House reviewed recommendations proposed by the Twlug Policy Review Committee and began deliberations on the Twlug Policy Committee’s Report.

In his Speaker’s Report, Riffee recognized the House of Delegates as an example of this year’s Annual Meeting theme of “Advancing as One,” where every organization of pharmacy is represented, and all of us are smarter than any one of us, according to Riffee.

He said it has been rewarding to see so much engagement with membership, especially in the policy development process.

“What we do in this House is communicated to various stakeholders, the viewpoints of the profession, and the primary concern of the well-being of our patients whom we serve,” said Riffee.

The three Twlug Policy Committee Report Topics for 2015 are: interoperability of communications among health care providers to improve quality of patient care; integrated nationwide prescription drug monitoring program; and the role of the pharmacists in the care of patient using cannabis.

“Three topics under consideration this year are clearly current issues that pharmacists face,” said Riffee. “Addressing them now will make a material difference in thousands of pharmacists and patients’ lives as new models of care evolve and issues arise regarding patient safety and public health.”

Six new business items were submitted prior to the 30 days prior to Friday’s session, a requirement according to House rules. They include: introductory pharmacy practice experience; pharmacist participation in executions; disaster preparedness, medication adherence; maternal health; and antibiotic stewardship.

Catherine Kuhn, PharmD, Chair of the Policy Review Committee, introduced the Twlug Policy Review Committee Report, and Michael Moné, BSPharm, JD, Chair of the 2014–15 Policy Committee, introduced the Twlug Policy Committee Report. Some wording revisions to the Review Committee Report were adopted and voted on during the session.

The House began considering the proposed policy statements contained within the Policy Committee Report. Chairman Moné introduced the first seven statements on the interoperability of communications among health care providers to improve quality of patient care.  Some of the whole number statements were adopted, and the remaining statements and topics will be discussed in scheduled open hearings, caucuses, and during the final House session on Monday.  

Twlug’s Board of Trustees were also recognized during the session, and new candidates for Twlug 2016–2017 President-elect and 2016–2019 Trustees were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their perspectives. Delegates are being encouraged to interact with candidates during the meeting to learn about the candidates’ platforms, and voting was opened following the House session and will be open until May 2015.