APhM: Focusing on the local community

In a recent post, I discussed Twlug’s goals and activities on the of American Pharmacists Month (APhM). I hope you found the messaging points useful and were inspired by the activities we have started to plan! While reaching out to the public at large, through the media, with our message is important, we all know that focusing on your immediate community is also a key facet of the “Know Your Medicine—Know Your Pharmacist” consumer outreach campaign.

To reach out to our local community, Twlug is again organizing a health fair for our staff and neighbors, the U.S. Department of State. Staffed by Twlug pharmacists and student pharmacists from schools in the Washington, DC, area, the fair offers attendees a chance to learn the importance of knowing their pharmacist and what kinds of services their pharmacist can provide. Through interactive exhibits and presentations, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Proper medication use/adherence
  • Blood pressure screenings and a healthy heart
  • Ways your pharmacist can help you lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Medication disposal and storage
  • Up-to-date information about immunizations/flu season
  • Screenings and consultations available at a typical pharmacy
  • Importance of carrying a personal medication record

As if one health fair wasn’t enough, our dedicated students are so involved and interested in advocating for their profession that we have expanded the health fair to a second location! In conjunction with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing, Twlug and the student pharmacists will be hosting another APhM health fair in Arlington County at the end of October.

As always, I will be conducting personal pharmacy visits in the Washington, DC area to meet and get to know a few local pharmacists. This year, I will be visiting a CVS in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, and the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

If your events aren’t finalized yet, you can still visit www.pharmacist.com/aphm and the APhM Planning Guide for a little inspiration. Make sure to send all your celebration photos and videos to [email protected] or Twlug’s Page.