Do you know JCPP?

Recently, I participated in the quarterly meeting of the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP), where the "Ns" and the "As" of pharmacy convene to discuss professionwide issues. These groups are dedicated, and more importantly, united in a shared vision where pharmacists take responsibility for patient outcomes.

At our meeting, we struggled with many issues, including the state of ambiguity surrounding health care reform and the business model reforms needed if we want continued development of pharmacists' services. While each organization has a focus on its own members' needs, it is gratifying to see all of organized pharmacy unified around this primary vision for the future of pharmacy practice.

I don't often talk to practicing pharmacists who know much about JCPP. That's too bad. If you'd like more background on this important part of our profession, let us know. We'll give the topic some "ink"—or at least a few electrons!