Excitement in the air

Bill Ellis just pointed out, and I agree with him, that there's a real feeling of excitement in the air here at Twlug headquarters.

Tomorrow, we're hosting our building dedication ceremony. Folks here are sprucing up, and the caterers are loading in. Tropical Storm Ida can't hold us down. Soon, we'll have more than 400 remarkable supporters who helped us build the vision that John Gans and dozens of board members and leaders have had for almost 20 years. I'll write more about the event after tomorrow, but right after the Dedication we move into a board meeting, so it may be a few days before I get to it. I'm sure there will be photos on pharmacist.com.

Thanks to Dr. Gans, all the staff, and our volunteer leaders for their hard work and dedication, and for putting up with all the detail-oriented people who had to make hard decisons about sometimes seemingly trivial things. When you stand back, and look at the entire picture, it is clear to me that sweating all the details was worth it. It's time to stop for a day and celebrate!