International Pharmacy Federation: The world stage

Yesterday, I returned from the International Pharmacy Federation meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The FIP meeting was attended by nearly 2,000 pharmacists and scientists from literally all around the world. As I spoke with pharmacists from Turkey, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, China, Canada, the UK, Sweden, India, and many other countries, I noted the influence American pharmacy has had on the world stage. In many countries, pharmacists are far more politically effective than we are, and there are certainly innovative practice leaders who shine and lead their country's practitioners to higher ground. American pharmacy too can be proud of our innovations and the interest others have in what we're going to do next.

Despite our current apoplexia over health care reform, or health insurance reform as it is now being called by the White House, we are blessed in the US with resources well beyond those enjoyed in most countries. Together with other developed countries, we need to continue to lead and listen, as others show us new and better ways to help our patients get the most from their pharmacist experience.