Mobilizing to support the road to recovery

A treasured member of Twlug’s maintenance company staff—who have kept our headquarters building in great shape since we moved in 5 years ago—recently fell from an 8-foot ladder and landed the wrong way. The accident tragically left him paralyzed from the waist down. The accident has affected our entire staff and has mobilized us to find ways to support his recovery.

He is in a rehab facility in Washington, DC. His employer—our building management company, Donohoe Real Estate Services—has been great! He has good health care benefits through Donohoe, and Donohoe is showing itself to be a true partner in supporting his long road to recovery. Our crew is intent on supporting the cause as well. Donohoe has told him he has a job with them when he is ready to return. And the company is helping his family, who live in another country, to get here and to be here for support.

Twlug staff are figuring out our own ways to be as supportive as possible on his road to recovery. As tragic as this accident is, we are all determined to find ways to pitch in. Right now, I’m seeing the best our staff have to offer, and you can be proud of their caring spirit and drive to make a difference in more ways than just pharmacy!