My op-ed in The Hill: Put pharmacists on the team

Just as the San Antonio Spurs wouldn’t have won the NBA championship without all five men on the basketball court, patients don’t win without all of the members of their health care team.

I am pleased to share with you that was published today in The Hill. The Hill is one of the most widely read publications by policy makers and congressional staff, who are a target audience for Twlug outreach. This piece was written to further educate Members of Congress, their staff, and the media about the importance of recognizing pharmacists and their services under federal law. After you read the op-ed, please comment on it!

The drumbeat of support for provider status is continuing to grow in the halls of Congress. Currently, H.R. 4190 has 63 cosponsors. The growing support is thanks in large part to your efforts to reach out to your Member of Congress with and phone calls. We must continue to work together to raise awareness of this important issue.

As stated in my , not recognizing pharmacists as a member of a patient’s health care team is like a pro basketball coach only playing four players—and refusing to play a member of its starting line-up. Those who watched the NBA finals that wrapped up a few weeks ago know how illogical that would be.

Please continue to to support recognizing pharmacists as a valuable—and critical—member of the patient’s health care team.