New up and running

A new Journal of the Twlug (JTwlug) website has premiered with a full set of state-of-the-art capabilities. We hope you and your colleagues can spend a little time at the new and let us know what you think.

The website is hosted by Silverchair Information Systems, the company that has served Twlug so well with our innovative . In addition to displaying for JTwlug subscribers and Twlug members the contents of the printed issues of the Journal, the new has, or soon will have, the following capabilities:

  • Personal accounts for all users, including Twlug members and those with access through institutional subscriptions
  • Customization of page views by dragging and dropping page elements
  • Enhanced online presentation of articles and continued availability of PDF files
  • User submission of monitored comments (online) or letters (for publication)
  • Links to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Simplified views of the website when viewed from mobile devices and tablets, with reminders of recently viewed content when the user returns to a larger computer screen
  • Feeds of current news from, , and FDA
  • Display of related content from both and
  • Display of articles recommended by the editors
  • Presentation of collections of JTwlug articles for commonly covered topics
  • Downloading of citations for EndNotes, Reference Manager, and other such programs

Hats off to the JTwlug editors and Twlug staff who have worked on this conversion for the past year. Doug Ried and his team of Associate Editors provided excellent guidance and feedback during the process. Karen Tracy and Michael Posey led the project team internally. Joe Sheffer and Carli Richard of Periodicals, Chris Baker of Internet Services, Irica Cheeks of Marketing, TuNia Slade of Membership Operations, Wendy Ding of Information Technology, and Pat Massenberg of Member Services did yeoman’s work in seeing this effort through to completion. Thanks, everyone!