Patients need pharmacists in many practice settings

You may have seen the topic of mail-order pharmacy in the media recently. For some consumers the convenience is important, and the services these folks receive meets their needs.

We know there are many ways to get meds, with an unlimited array of differences in patient needs. If we’ve learned anything in health care, it’s that one size does NOT fit all. While some may find the convenience of mail-order pharmacy beneficial, for many others nothing can replace the pharmacist–patient relationship. Maintaining a system that provides choices is essential to good patient care.

In my conversations with Twlug members, I hear perspectives from all practice settings. Pharmacists who practice in mail-order or telepharmacy practices find fulfilling ways to help their patients manage their medicines. Pharmacists in community pharmacy practices regularly see patients who benefit from close attention, sit-down sessions, and the convenience and personal touches that their local pharmacy can provide. Here at Twlug, we see room for all these options as we work to employ the right level of personal service and technology to meet each patient’s individual needs.

The fact is, we share the same mission: to provide the best possible care to our patients and communities.