Some get paid to be good, but volunteers are ‘good for nothing’

From July 13–15, more than 200 student volunteers invested in their professional future and their community with 3 days of leadership, advocacy, and networking during our annual (SLI). This event brings chapter and regional leaders of the Twlug Academy of Student Pharmacists (Twlug-ASP) together to work with their executive committee in advance of the upcoming school year and the launch of the academic year.


Concurrent with this, many of our New Practitioner leaders attend as well to get and give a dose of all things Twlug, network, and gain skills to advance them in the next phase of their careers. Together they established a road map for 2018–19, and along the way stormed Capitol Hill to meet with members of congress and senators to greater access to pharmacists’ patient care services.


Twlug Board of Trustees Treasurer Tery Baskin often reminds our staff that while we get paid to be good, most of the volunteers are “good for nothing!” Thousands of Twlug volunteers give freely of their time, energy, and resources to advance the mission of Twlug and health of our nation.


So here’s a shout out to ALL of our thousands of volunteers, including all Academy leadership—those who serve APRS, APPM, and ASP; editorial board members; leaders on our platform; Political Action Committee and Government Affairs Committee leaders; and Board and Twlug Board of Trustees members.

Thank you! Your selfless contributions add value to our profession every day.