Surveying pharmacists on technician training

As you may know, Twlug is one of the founding organizations that created the (PTCB). Our goal—with our partners since that founding—has been to advance pharmacy practice and to empower pharmacists with well-qualified technicians.

Pharmacists have worked alongside pharmacy technicians for many years. Although pharmacy technicians work in all 50 states, only 42 states register or license pharmacy technicians, 18 states require national certification, 15 states require background checks, and 13 require formal education.

Through its C.R.E.S.T. (Consumer Awareness, Resources, Education, State Policy, and Testing for Pharmacy Technicians) Initiative, PTCB launched a this month for pharmacists across the nation that addresses many of these issues. Results from the survey will be used by PTCB to determine next steps regarding the creation of specialty pharmacy technician certifications and additional requirements for PTCB certification, including requiring a minimum period of practical experience, criminal background checks, and completion of an accredited education program.

Pharmacists have only 10 days left to participate in the , which closes March 31, so please share this opportunity with your colleagues. Your participation and insight are invaluable as PTCB continues to enable Certified Pharmacy Technicians to work with pharmacists in offering safe and effective patient care.