Taking our kids to work

Held this year on April 26, at Twlug headquarters was loud. At least that’s what I hear. I was sorry to miss the big day, but I was in Savannah, GA, to join the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative meeting as part of another travel odyssey for me.

Association staff brought in their little ones and teens for a day of presentations and pizza. Each team planned a short activity that was educational and fun, and they competed for the kids’ vote at the end of the day on which presentation was best. The Finance Department won a lunch and jeans day with an activity that used the concept of the NFL draft to teach the kids how to manage their resources in order to get the best value. Also, a couple of the older teens shadowed our Creative Services Department.

I understand our kids had an amazing time and that their parents were thrilled. Hats off to our Social and Community Involvement Committee for pulling together a wonderful day!