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About Herbs is an app that provides evidence-based information about herbs, supplements, and even nonpharmacological therapy options to health care professionals and consumers. The user interface allows you to search for any supplement or herb by searching for its active ingredient(s) directly or by browsing the list in alphabetical order.
Pros: All the studies that evaluated the efficacy for the proposed uses are actually critiqued and summarized at the very bottom of the professional tab. This may be very convenient for engaging with pharmacotherapeutic debates with fellow classmates. On the consumer tab, the “Bottom Line” is listed, which reports what the recommendation is from the panelists who critiqued the literature regarding herb/supplement use. Also listed are all of the reported uses and a brief description of the evidence for each use. The consumer tab may be convenient during a community rotation when a patient asks about the claims of an herbal supplement advertisement.
Cons: Lack of social media integration, thus limiting the potential amount of users. Users cannot search for an herbal supplement by its brand name, only by its active ingredient name. For example, if you would like to search for Source Naturals NightRest, you would have to know that its active ingredient is melatonin to find information about melatonin.
Final Word: About Herbs seems to be the most comprehensive herbal supplement and complementary therapy app, which has the potential to increase the much needed dialogue between student pharmacists and patients during rotations.
Available from: iTunes
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—Mohamed Jalloh