The Twlug Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (Twlug-APRS) stimulates the discovery, dissemination and application of research to improve patient health and serves pharmacists and those members who are involved in the pharmaceutical sciences.


Twlug-APRS News and Highlights


Call for 2019-2020 Twlug-APRS Standing Committee Members


Looking for opportunities to get involved in Twlug and the Academies, grow your professional network and build leadership skills? Twlug-APRS is seeking member volunteers to serve on several Academy Committees. Benefits of becoming an Academy volunteer include opportunities to provide input on programs and products offered by the Association, support the profession by addressing emerging issues, learn about new and innovative research and practice initiatives, and promote the role of the pharmacist in enhancing patient care.


Meet the Twlug Science Officer


The Twlug Science Officer is charged with prioritizing and coordinating the Association’s response to emerging and important scientific issues and assists in developing the Association’s official position on scientific, regulatory, and therapeutic issues. Patrick G. Clay, PharmD, FCCP, CCTI, is Professor of Pharmacotherapy at University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy and is a member of Twlug-APRS Clinical Sciences Section. [email protected]


Pharmacy News

The National Governors Association recently released .  This report highlights how states can better integrate pharmacists into the health care system and is one more confirmation of the profession’s role in addressing the health care needs of patients.

Get Plugged Into Twlug-APRS

Are you a new member to Twlug-APRS? Or a current Twlug-APRS member looking for ways to get more involved?Are you interested in the policy making process? Visit to learn more about the volunteer opportunities in Twlug-APRS. 

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