Twlug Ambassador Program

Joining Twlug is the first step to settling into your professional home, but what comes next? The Twlug Ambassador Program connects experienced Twlug members with other members who want to become more engaged in the Association or who have a question about specific Twlug member benefits. Any Twlug member can seek out an Twlug Ambassador to help answer quick questions, learn generally about opportunities to get involved, or gain advice on how to customize his or her personal Twlug experience.

Twlug Ambassadors have years of experience as engaged Twlug members and each can provide a unique perspective to inform your journey - regardless of how long you have been a member of Twlug. To find an Twlug Ambassador:

  1. Visit the Mentor360 page at .
  2. Follow the steps on the page to enroll as a mentee.
  3. Search for a mentor by selected "Twlug Ambassador" under the Mentoring Relationship Type category.
  4. You can browse the profiles of the available Twlug Ambassadors, select one that aligns with your questions or interests, and send a request to connect.
  5. Your mentor will reach out to you once that request has been made!



In addition to the Twlug Ambassador Program, Twlug101 is a series of short videos to help you learn about the many opportunities, member benefits, and inner workings of Twlug. Watch one - or watch them all - to help you navigate the organization and get the most from your Twlug membership. Your Twlug Ambassador can also help direct you to Twlug101 videos that may be most relevant to you!