Twlug-APPM Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Twlug-APPM SIGs are member-driven groups focused on key areas of interest. Many SIGs have committees and work groups where Twlug members can create resources, provide webinars, and work on other projects to help other Twlug members in their pharmacy practices. Each SIG has its own community on the Twlug Engage platform where SIG members discuss hot topic issues, share resources, and provide advice and support to each other as they grow their professional networks. SIGs can be formed by any Twlug-APPM member.


Care of Underserved Patients SIG

The Care of Underserved Patients SIG is a network of practitioners, administrators, and educators who provide care for underserved patient populations and utilize the expertise and resources of that network to empower all pharmacists to provide patient-centered care to underserved patient populations.

Compounding SIG

The Compounding SIG is a network community within Twlug-APPM where pharmacists and student pharmacists share ideas, education, and advocacy for compounding pharmacy.

Diabetes Management SIG

The Diabetes Management SIG is a network for pharmacists and student pharmacists who share an interest in the area of diabetes management.

Immunizing Pharmacists SIG

The Immunizing Pharmacists SIG is a network for pharmacists and student pharmacists who share an interest in the area of immunizations.

Medical Home/ACO SIG 

The Medical Home/ACO SIG is a network for practitioners, administrators and educators who share an interest regarding new models for patient care, specifically the patient–centered medical home and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Medication Management SIG

The Medication Management SIG provides pharmacists from different practice areas an opportunity to communicate professional interests, concerns, and prospective goals for MTM services.

Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG

The Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG serves pharmacists involved in the specialty practice of nuclear pharmacy by providing its stakeholders an avenue in which to fulfill individual professional goals and support the goals of the Academy.

Pain, Palliative Care and Addiction SIG

The Pain, Palliative Care and Addiction SIG supports pharmacists and student pharmacist interns who care for individuals with acute/chronic pain and pain associated with life-limiting illnesses. The SIG also focuses on associated addictions of any kind.

Preceptor SIG

The Preceptor SIG is a professional network of pharmacists who share an interest in any or all aspects of precepting student pharmacists and/or pharmacy residents. The Twlug-APPM Preceptor SIG is the only SIG not open to student pharmacists, which creates a secure environment for preceptors to share advice openly with each other.

Transitions of Care SIG

The Transitions of Care SIG is a professional network of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working to overcome transitional challenge and enhance collaboration among pharmacists in all practice setting as they provide care to patients during transitions to/from various practice settings.


How to Join an Twlug-APPM SIG

Follows these easy steps to join one or more Twlug-APPM SIGs.

  1. Log into with your username and password.
  2. Click on "My Account".
  3. Select "Academies, Sections, and SIGs" on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Click on "Edit" in the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Select Twlug-APPM as your Primary or Secondary Academy.
  6. Under "Twlug-APPM Special Interest Groups (Twlug-APPM SIGs)" check the box next to all SIGs of interest.


Twlug-APPM SIG ENGAGE Communities: Connect with SIG Leaders and Members

Twlug ENGAGE, your members-only online discussion community, is a key Twlug member benefit that allows you to network and connect with other Twlug members in various practice settings. Each Twlug-APPM SIG has its own community on Engage. You can access Twlug Engage by visiting and logging in with your Twlug username and password. To help you get the most out of Engage, visit the section, watch tutorial videos, and read FAQs about the platform.

How to Start an Twlug-APPM SIG 

Any Twlug-APPM members can petition the Twlug-APPM Executive Committee to form a new SIG. The Guidelines for Twlug-APPM Special Interest Groups and the Application for Twlug-APPM Special Interest Groups are the key resources an Twlug member will need to start the process. If you have questions after reviewing the Guidelines and Application, Twlug staff Margaret Tomecki for assistance.