Twlug Comments to CMS on Independence of LTC Consultant Pharmacists

Twlug expresses appreciation for CMS acknowledging their shared interests in the best customer care possible.

On June 11, Twlug submitted comments to CMS in response to to help it determine a more comprehensive approach to address potential conflicts of interest and inappropriate medication use in long term care facilities (LTC). In the comments, Twlug expressed appreciation for CMS acknowledging these two issues are larger in scope than the services consultant pharmacists provide to LTC patients and that potential solutions should not be limited to an independent payment model concept for LTC pharmacists. To CMS’ efforts to improve transparency, Twlug encouraged CMS to ensure potential requirements are uniform to the extent possible and apply to others that may have potential conflict of interest. Twlug also stated the importance of differentiating traditional and responsible consultant pharmacist services from the potential inappropriate activities discussed in the notice.

Updates on this issue will be provided as they become available.