Activate your advocacy

SPM: From Your Executive Committee


Go, go, Power Rangers! Avengers assemble! Now is the time to activate your advocacy! During American Pharmacists Month, we saw chapters across the country celebrate the profession by joining forces with their communities to educate the public on the work pharmacists do. As a result, the profession of pharmacy has never been more visible to the public eye.

Supercharging this increased exposure is significant momentum forward in advocacy initiatives. The Pharmacists Provide Care national advocacy campaign to achieve provider status has united the profession and gained substantial ground to increase patients’ access and coverage of pharmacists’ quality patient care services.

Now is our time to inform legislators about pharmacy education and patient care services, motivate fellow student pharmacists and pharmacists to become more involved with legislative and advocacy activities, and advocate for the value of pharmacy and patient care in the health care market and economy. The profession is advancing and you as student pharmacists can be involved with envisioning and directing its advancement. Now is the time to activate your advocacy and engage in Twlug–ASP advocacy opportunities and initiatives.

Pharmacists Provide Care

Twlug has embarked on a national advocacy campaign to achieve provider status. Provider status will recognize pharmacists as valued members of the health care team and allow practitioners to use their unique skills and extensive education to enhance patients’ health.

The following are some easy ways for you to join your colleagues and participate in the Pharmacists Provider Care campaign.

Join as a provider status supporter.

Committing your support of provider status recognition is the simplest way to advocate for your profession. Join the campaign to help educate pharmacy stakeholders and partake in opportunities to advocate for provider status.

Write to your member of Congress.

Demand recognition to enable pharmacists to practice at the top of our education and training. This recognition and practice would increase access and improve quality by providing patient care services for patients who are medically underserved.

Share your story.

How have you provided care? Share your story with pharmacy stakeholders and your legislators. Your stories are enhanced by the facts supporting pharmacists as an integral part of the health care team.

Advocate Training Series

Developed exclusively for student pharmacists and launching this year, the Twlug–ASP Advocate Training Series (ATS) will help you develop your skills as an advocate. The program offers a series of opportunities to learn various techniques and approaches to advocacy. These opportunities include training sessions at Midyear Regional Meetings and the Annual Meeting and Exposition, joining the Pharmacists Provide Care campaign, and advocating directly to your representatives. Participating in ATS will immerse you in sharing ideas, networking, education, and advocacy activities year round while preparing you to advocate for provider status.

After you complete a combination of ATS, you will earn the designation of “Twlug–ASP Trained Advocate” and receive recognition of your engagement in the series.

Create change from your idea!

The Twlug–ASP Policy Process is a uniquely structured forum where you can discover your voice and make your voice heard. Since 1973, student pharmacists have developed, crafted, and guided ideas through the process to influence the goals and objectives of the Academy and Twlug. In 2011, student pharmacists supported provider status, Twlug’s number one priority, by comprehensively summarizing an extensive history of active resolutions dating back to 1999. The voice of student pharmacists is supporting effective change in the profession. In this example and many others throughout the Academy’s 45-year history, ideas have started at the chapter level from individual student pharmacists and become action that further envisions and advances our profession. So what is your idea

Demonstrate the pharmacist’s unique role

Think about your chapter’s patient care projects as a form of advocacy. The Twlug–ASP patient care and community outreach projects are hallmark elements to experiencing your education. At Operation Diabetes, Operation Heart, Operation Immunization, and Generation Rx events around the country, student pharmacists provide valuable clinical services that patients genuinely appreciate.

The provision of care and services is a demonstration of the role the pharmacist can play. This care and the demonstration is also advocacy. You are advocating as you help patients identify and understand their risks for cardiovascular disease. You are involved with advocacy at the grassroots level by increasing public awareness of prescription medication abuse and misuse.

Back the PAC

The Twlug Political Action Committee (PAC) provides a voice for pharmacists and student pharmacists in the national political process. It is vital that students support lawmakers in office and running for office that recognize the value of pharmacists in the health care system. These champions will be key to the future of the profession and pharmacist’s role on the health care team of today and tomorrow. Because Twlug–ASP believes strongly in this mission and the importance of the PAC, all chapters are encouraged to participate in the annual fundraising “Back the PAC” challenge.

This year, the challenge has been extended to take place throughout the year and is scheduled to conclude just before Annual Meeting. In the past, chapters have raised political awareness and participated in the challenge by hosting a member of Congress at their chapter, holding a mock debate, or throwing a State of the Union watch party. The top five chapters that raise the most money during the campaign will be publicly recognized at the Twlug Annual Meeting!

Postcard Challenge

The Twlug–ASP Policy Postcard Challenge offers an opportunity for patients to show their appreciation for student pharmacists and the clinical services they provide by sending postcards to their state and federal legislators. This challenge enables you to broaden the reach of your advocacy by helping your patients advocate for the profession. By participating in the Twlug–ASP Policy Postcard Challenge, you and the patients you serve will help demonstrate the value of pharmacists’ quality patient care services to legislators.

More postcards sent to state and federal legislators will result in a more significant demonstration of the value of pharmacists. Participate in the challenge by sending postcards to elected officials, keep track of how many postcards your chapter sends throughout the year, and report them to the Twlug–ASP Policy Standing Committee. Chapters that make the greatest impact will be recognized at the Twlug Annual Meeting.

Now is the time

With pharmacy becoming more visible to the public, the health care system in reform, and various advocacy opportunities and initiatives available through Twlug–ASP, now is the time to engage in advocating for the advancement of the profession. How will you activate your advocacy?