Twlug–ASP by my side throughout my leadership path

45th Twlug-ASP Anniversary


During my last year of pharmacy school at The University of Texas at Austin (UT–Austin), I was elected as the 1987–88 Twlug–ASP Speaker of the House at the Twlug Annual Meeting in Chicago. The year before, I had served as the Region 6 Delegate so I was familiar with the policy process but didn’t fully realize what I was getting into. I had not paid attention to the campaign process and didn’t realize how nerve-wracking it was to interview with the Nominating Committee, campaign continuously, or write and deliver an impactful speech. I had only attended one Annual Meeting prior to running for office. My idea of an Twlug Annual Meeting was getting to know other students from across the country, and exploring and partying in a new city. It was also an opportunity to take a break from the rigors of pharmacy school.

Thank goodness I decided to run because my involvement in Twlug–ASP led to additional Twlug leadership opportunities, the chance to serve my profession, and the pleasure of forming lifelong friendships with pharmacists across the country.

Lifelong friendships

My fellow national officers and I formed a strong bond during the year we served. President Tracey Donoghue, University of Colorado; President-elect Carol Giltner, University of Kentucky; and Members-at-large Mark Hayes, University of Missouri–Kansas City and Gary Cacciatore, University of Florida; were so fun to work with. We worked hard and played equally hard!

During one of our first live meetings in Washington, DC, we took an evening cruise on Chesapeake Bay and had a blast. Whether it was attending regional meetings, visiting local chapters, or attending other national meetings, we proudly represented Twlug–ASP. I am still friends with all of them, some closer than others, but we will always have our Twlug–ASP connection. In fact, Tracey and I attended graduate school at UT–Austin and currently work together at Pfizer. Pharmacy is a small world!

We were also shepherded by amazing Twlug staff members including Terri Smith Moore, April Shaughnessy, and Anna Charuk..We saw the inner workings of a national association, which allowed us to fully realize that a dedicated staff is the key to a successful organization.

Don’t mess with Texas

Boyd served as Twlug-ASP House Speaker, 1987-88.

 As a student, I was so honored to serve Twlug on a national level because of the outstanding leaders that were in place at the time and the influence of Texas pharmacists. Then-UT–Austin College of Pharmacy Dean Jim Doluisio, PhD, was a previous Twlug President and  always supported Twlug student activities. Shirley McKee, from Houston, was Twlug Speaker of the House when I served—don’t mess with female Speakers from Texas!

My preceptor for my community pharmacy rotation, Bill Edwards from Galveston, was Twlug Treasurer and encouraged and developed my leadership skills, became a lasting influence on my career and life.

Made our mark

I don’t remember the issues we tackled or the problems we “solved,” but we took our roles seriously and always fought to be recognized as key members of the profession. We wanted to be respected because we were the future of pharmacy and not just idealistic student pharmacists. Our generation has gone on to be pharmacist lawyers, business owners, academicians, pharmaceutical industry executives, an Twlug President, and Twlug Board of Trustee members. I went on to serve as Speaker of the Twlug House of Delegates—the “Big House.”

I am grateful to Twlug–ASP for giving me the opportunity to expand my leadership journey in pharmacy to a national stage. It all started with my first Twlug Annual Meeting in 1986 in San Francisco, and I haven’t missed one since!