Twlug2018 House of Delegates first session is a wrap

Delegates discuss policy statements, with more to come at second session on Monday

On Friday, delegates gathered at Music City Center in Nashville for the first session of the during the .  


Twlug Speaker of the House of Delegates Michael D. Hogue, PharmD, FTwlug, FNAP, presided over the session. In his Speaker’s Report, he referred to the theme of Twlug2018, “Leading Our Communities in Patient Care,” noting how the nation has turned an eye toward the work pharmacists do, particularly with respect to medication safety.


“Never before has medication safety been more at the forefront of our profession and in the minds of our patients, from news media reports to national studies and Congressional scrutiny,” Hogue said. “The work that we do every day to protect the health and well-being of the public through safe medication-use processes has been very much in the public eye.”


Hogue emphasized the crucial role the House of Delegates plays in putting forth actionable policy, citing policy passed in 2014 about corresponding responsibility and policy passed in 2014 and 2016 regarding pharmacists’ provision of opioid reversal agents as examples of success. 


“These specific policy positions have been used countless times and in countless ways by state pharmacy associations in advocacy activities with state legislatures, by Twlug, and by others in Congress, the FDA, CMS, the CDC, and NIH,” Hogue said.


More than 300 delegates reviewed and adopted recommendations proposed by the Twlug House Rules Review Committee and the Twlug Policy Review Committee.


Alex C. Varkey, PharmD, MS, FTwlug, Chair of the 2017-18 Policy Committee, introduced the proposed policy statements within the Twlug Policy Committee Report that the House must consider. They fall under three topics: “Pharmacist Workplace Environment and Patient Safety,” “Use of Pharmacogenomic Data within Pharmacy Practice,” and “Proactive Immunization Assessment and Immunization Information Systems.”


Two of the six whole number statements under “Pharmacist Workplace Environment and Patient Safety” were adopted, with the rest referred for further committee discussion. “Use of Pharmacogenomic Data Within Pharmacy Practice” and “Proactive Immunization Assessment and Immunization Information Systems” will be reviewed by the Policy Reference Committee and considered in the House of Delegates final session on Monday, March 19, at 1:30 p.m. in the Music City Center Davidson Ballroom.


In accordance with House rules, eight new business items were submitted at least 30 days before Friday’s session. They pertain to pharmacy curricula, medication classification and medical devices, direct and indirect remuneration fees, efforts to reduce mental health stigma, pharmacist permissive language on medication cost, gluten content labeling, electronic referral tracking, and chronic disease prevention. These will be reviewed by the New Business Review Committee on March 17 during an open hearing session and considered in the House of Delegates final session on Monday, March 19.


This is an election year and three candidates for the 2018-19 Speaker-elect position began their campaigns by providing introductory remarks. Joey Mattingly, PharmD, MBA, Douglas Reid, PhD, FTwlug, and Garth Reynolds, BSPharm, RPh, will be considered by the Delegates in the final House session, where a live vote will take place to determine the next Speaker-elect.


The candidates for President-Elect and Trustee (two pairings) for 2018–19 introduced themselves at the end of the session. Voting in the Twlug Election is open until noon on May 14, 2018.