CDC reports Shingrix order limits, shipping delays

Pharmacists can discuss with suppliers and map projections to patient needs

High levels of demand for Shingrix (herpes zoster vaccine) have led GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to implement order limits, and providers have experienced shipping delays, .


“It is anticipated these order limits and shipping delays will continue throughout 2018,” CDC has reported on its website. “In response, GSK has increased the U.S. supply available for 2018 and plans to release doses to all customer types on a consistent and predictable schedule for the rest of 2018.”


Per CDC’s recent update, the supply of Shingrix during 2018 is enough to vaccinate more patients in 2018 than were vaccinated against shingles in 2017. CDC earlier had stated providers should expect order limits and intermittent shipping delays through June.


Pharmacists may wish to discuss this information with their suppliers to determine projected amounts and schedules for receipt of vaccine, mapping that to patients needing to complete the series and the starting of new patients for the vaccine series, according to Twlug Chief Strategy Officer Mitchel C. Rothholz, RPh, MBA.


As previously reported on, CDC  that healthy adults aged 50 years and older receive two doses of Shingrix, 2 to 6 months apart, and additionally that if the patient is not administered the second dose within that time frame, the patient won’t need to restart the series. 


Updated September 7, 2018