Create some new habits

Healthy Living

As the summer ends, it is a great time to create new goals and habits while preparing to start a new year in pharmacy school. Here are my tips.

Challenge yourself

It would not be advisable for a patient to drink several cups of coffee throughout the day, everyday, for weeks. Nonetheless, students do this all the time. Challenge yourself to start the new school year off with a goal of limited caffeine intake. And perhaps prepare a healthy meal at home instead of eating fast food.

Get organized

If a patient came to you and complained about the constant stress of deadlines and meeting dates, you would not hesitate to talk about organization and planning ahead. Follow the same advice you would give to your patients. Try listing the essential exams, assignments, and meeting dates on a calendar.

Catch some z’s

You know how to counsel patients about healthy sleeping habits, yet you find yourself staying up late into the night studying or completing assignments. Maybe you are the type that cannot fall asleep due to the colossal nap you took during the middle of day, which has left you wide-awake at 1:00 a.m. Think about challenging yourself to start from the beginning of the school year and plan for sleep—not just any sleep, but quality sleep on a regular basis.

I encourage you to find aspects of your life where you can practice what you preach. If you take the advice you so often give your patients, I guarantee you will improve your study habits, get more sleep, and have a more satisfying school–life balance. Practice being the patient and following your own advice. Use this as an opportunity to make healthy changes and have the best school year yet!