DEA wavers on registration renewal requirements

DEA will maintain grace periods and other policies regarding registration renewals

On December 20, DEA released a notice that clarifies DEA’s renewal process. The December 20 notice is a welcome change for pharmacists because DEA’s previous policy—which was quietly released in the fall of 2016 and was to be implemented January 1, 2017—was much more stringent and created significant concerns for pharmacists and other DEA registrants, as it removed a grace period to renew expired registration and modified notice procedures, among other changes to the renewal process. DEA’s new policy, which will be effective January 2017, clarifies that for registrants whose registrations are nearing expiration, DEA will send an electronic reminder to renew to the e-mail address associated with the DEA registration. The December 20 notice also clarifies that DEA will “retain its current policy and procedures with respect to renewal and reinstatement of registration.”

Several stakeholders expressed opposition to DEA regarding the fall 2016 policy change as it would have negative implications for registrants and paitents. Such advocacy efforts were likely factors DEA considered when deciding to redact its policy.  Twlug will continue to monitor the issue, but applauds DEA’s decision to maintain its current policy.