Discover your voice

From Your Executive Committee

Words cannot express how happy and honored I am to serve you during this noteworthy time for the profession. We are in this position today because of those who decided to break the mold for the benefit of the profession and patients.

Every year is a busy year for student pharmacists and it is through each other we find the energy and motivation to keep working for those who cannot provide for themselves. Pharmacists and student pharmacists gathered in March at the Twlug Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando, FL, to celebrate the profession during what might have been the best meeting yet. Twlug2014 resulted in 4 days of collective growth, election of the 2014–15 Twlug–ASP National Executive Committee, and passage of three resolutions through the Twlug–ASP House of Delegates—2014.1: Pharmacogenomics, 2014.2: Dispensing and Administering Medications in Life-Threatening Situations, and 2014.3: Pharmacist-led Clinics—as we turned up the decibel level of the student voice.

While Twlug2014 is a reminder to take a moment to celebrate and reflect, we must be ready to turn around with renewed energy and set sail into another year as we grow with our profession.

You and all of your potential

Nicholas Capote

During my presidential inaugural address to the Academy, I highlighted specific moments and individuals who made a dent in the pharmacy universe. Those student pharmacists found their purpose and contributed to the Academy's collective voice with their own skills and strengths. It is through the individual efforts of student pharmacists, as they discover their respective passions, that we grow into a shared voice and maximize our impact.

When developing a passion, it may be difficult to derive energy from initial results because student pharmacists are not experts in an area of interest—yet. However, upon cultivating that raw talent and sticking with it for the sheer thrill of being involved with your passion, you will find that by growing your strengths and talents, something special always emerges. You are leaving your unique imprint on something that once existed as a generic platform, begging for an artist to craft, mold, and create more. This is your plight as student pharmacists, future practitioners, and humans.

Find your purpose, exert your individuality, and bask in the wonderful and irreplaceable results that are purely you and your addition to the collective voice of student pharmacists. Never doubt your influence or your ability to make an impact on a single patient or a room full of your peers. In the words of Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

You can pretend to care, but you can't pretend to show up

Your educational and individual development are my top priorities. This year, I will repeatedly call on student pharmacists to step out of their comfort zones. However, I want you to move forward armed with knowledge and confidence. I believe a well-rounded pharmacist has the support of colleagues, an association willing and able to share inspiring moments for all to see, and the ability to articulate passions through practical and professional methods.

Be sure to engage new practitioners during educational sessions at chapter meetings, webinars, and beyond. Including them in your network is a vital step to discovering your own voice in pharmacy.

Twlug has made it a priority to effectively use social media and other avenues of communication to better voice the accomplishments of students. As your efforts produce results, look for these to be highlighted on a national stage. Physical distance should not be a barrier to sharing your story with the world.

I am inspired by those who see things differently and advocate for change, with patients at the forefront of their minds. However, these individuals do not inspire change with only big ideas. It is through developing the ability to make formal decisions, adjust strategies based on market change, and basic knowledge of how to finish a year "in the black" that keep our dreams alive and financially viable in today's world.

It is time to move forward with intention and purpose for another productive year. Your Twlug–ASP National Executive Committee is here to lift you up and provide you with tools to discover your own voice in pharmacy and maximize your potential.