Inspired by your pharmacy colleagues? Consider nominating them for an Twlug award

Our teachers, bosses, and colleagues shape our perspective and influence the way we practice every day. If you’re inspired by a leader who paved a path for you, a mentor who shepherded you, or a teammate who motivated you, consider nominating them for one of Twlug’s awards and honors. The Twlug Awards and Honors Program recognizes excellence in both new and established pharmacy careers and across practice settings.

Twlug is now accepting online nominations for the 2020 program. To nominate yourself or someone else, select the award desired and follow the prompts. The last day to submit nominations is September 1, 2019. Recipients will be honored at the in Washington, DC, March 20–23, 2020.

Want some hints on submitting a successful nomination? Check out these tips from members of Twlug’s awards selection committees.

Over the years, Twlug has recognized numerous individuals, organizations, and schools of pharmacy for their contributions to advancing the profession. Through its awards program, Twlug stimulates research, practice innovations, quality publications, and leadership development to improve medication use and advance patient care as every pharmacist’s ally.