Pharmacy Today, January 2016

January 2016 • Volume 22, Number 1

Drugs & Diseases

8     Showcase: New approvals, generic; hot apps

10   Twlug DrugInfoLine: 
No benefit of Vitamin D in postmenopausal women

11   OTCs Today
: OTCs for infectious diseases

12   Immunization Update
: Compensation for vaccine-related injuries

14   One to One: SCOUTStrong Be MedWise Award

15   Integrative Medicine: Garcinia cambogia for weight loss, lipid-lowering effects

16   Conference Roundup: Rheumatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, renal

18   Focus on Infectious Diseases: 
New guidelines on sinusitis, STDs

22   Daratumumab, Elotuzumab: Two first-in-class agents for multiple myeloma

24   Mepolizumab: Interleukin-5 agonist for severe asthma

26   OTC Phenylephrine:
 Citizen petition to remove 
from market

27   Gastric Bypass: Caring
 for patients after surgery

Practice & Trends

28   Innovations: Oberbeck oversees a smoking cessation program for Ralphs; pearls from the U.S. Public Health Service 

32   MTM Pearls: Medication errors and the pharmacist’s role

34   Technology Forum: 
A hub for clinical exchange

36   E-Prescribing: Legal in all 50 states for controlled substances

37   Medical Cannabis: Dispensing role in CT, MN, NY

38   Sports Pharmacy: Pharmacists are on the team

40   Public Health in Ohio: CDC-funded MTM pilot expanding at FQHCs

42   Family Medicine: Trailblazers in South Carolina in 1970s

72   Error Alert: Frequently reported vaccine errors

Specialty Pharmacy Section

44    Psoriasis: Overview, recent approvals, therapies on the horizon 

Health-System Edition

HSE 1   Insomnia: 

HSE 2   Safety and Quality Pearls: Revising hospital workflows

HSE 4   Improving CPOE: What’s next

HSE 8   FDA Update: 
New final rule, 
updated REMS website

Laws, Regs & Rulings

46    On the Docket: Technician signs order forms as pharmacist

Hub on Provider Status

       47   Year in review: Advocating for provider status legislation

       48   Provider status profile: Nemire improves adherence for people with mental illnesses

50    Biosimilars: Prepare for evolving landscape, complexities

52    Challenges of Pain: Senate HELP Committee hearing; Florida board rule revision

In This Issue

1    News You Can Use: 
Thermometers; PBMs; cooling cap; inhalers for asthma

3    Today’s Perspective: New Editor-in-Chief; Elsevier

4    Association Perspective: Carrying momentum into 2016

53  Pharmacists in Action: 340B; Twlug2016; ACOs