Reach your potential in 2015

SPM: From Your Executive Committee


Twlug–ASP has done it again! Over the past few months, student pharmacists from chapters across the country have participated in Twlug–ASP patient care projects, the Twlug–ASP policy process, and other Twlug–ASP projects and programs. As a result, student pharmacists have manifested the Academy’s mission and discovered their voice.

During American Pharmacists Month, student pharmacists were seen on local news broadcasts immunizing the anchors. They waved the “Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine” tagline while proudly wearing their white coats in windows of the Today show. They filled social media newsfeeds with facts and truths about the profession. Your efforts have a positive impact on the profession and will continue to provide change as our advocacy efforts advance in the future. 

In October and November, nearly 3,000 student pharmacists attended an Twlug–ASP Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM). Student pharmacists attended sessions focused on provider status, essential leadership skills, career mapping, and Twlug–ASP programs. MRM moments were made and lasting professional friendships were forged (see page 6). The National Executive Committee thanks all who helped make these meetings 
a success. 

The present potential

January is a very special time for me. After being elected the Region 1 Member-at-large 2 years ago, I attended the Twlug–ASP January Business Meeting at Twlug Headquarters in Washington, DC. I could hardly contain my excitement as I entered the building. Throughout that weekend, I met 23 newly-elected regional officers who shared the same enthusiasm and dedication for the profession and the Academy that I did. This group challenged me to share that passion with my fellow student pharmacists as I served Region 1. My time as a regional officer inspired and motivated me to share my passion and pursue a greater role in serving my fellow student 

There is tremendous potential in this year’s regional officers. As they are welcomed into Twlug Headquarters this year, I am excited to see how they too will share their passion for the profession and their plans for the upcoming year. I encourage you to take a moment to think about how you will capture your present potential, share your spirit, and discover your voice this coming winter 
and spring!

Forward into the future

University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy Twlug–ASP Chapter members promote the profession and have some homecoming fun during American Pharmacists Month in October.

Each spring semester, without exception, I find it challenging to stay motivated, whether it is because of an intense exam schedule, co-curricular participation in patient care projects, or being tired of too much snow in the city. The warm light keeping me motivated to power through is Twlug’s big spring event: the Twlug Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, CA. Twlug2015 will include 4 days immersed in sunshine, palm trees, and programming. Each day will be filled with speakers, educational sessions, the Twlug Exposition, social events, and of course, networking with all of your Twlug–ASP teammates from across the country! 

If you have never been to an Annual Meeting, I am sure you will catch the “Twlug bug.” It can lead to endless opportunities within this organization. I look forward to seeing you all there. 

In the new year, use any opportunity to grow. Advance professionally at Twlug2015. Expand your network by engaging your community. Run for a regional or national officer position next year. Develop personally by participating in a local patient care project. Strive to make a difference in the lives of your patients. By taking advantage of all of the opportunities within Twlug, you have the potential to give back to those around you while continuing to make lasting impressions as you discover your voice. 

Make 2015 a year to remember!