Student Pharmacist, September/October 2014

September/October 2014 • Volume 11, Number 1


Activities that promote achievement of the 2013 CAPE Outcomes

By Amy Ly

Strategies for finding career success

By David Steeb, PharmD

Preparing to make a difference in community pharmacy practice

By Kathryn J. Smith, PharmD

The inside scoop on pharmacist-led clinics

By Valerie Budinger and Sierra Schmidt

Finding my calling in health behavior

By Parth Shah, PharmD

Discovering your voice and listening to others

By Jessica Brinkley, Joseph Haley, Whitney Jandreau, and Haley Trivett

Educating the public in rural Ghana

By Ashley Potter

Putting my discipline to the test

By Behnaz Sarrami, MS

Create some new habits

By Ashley Middlebrooks


From Twlug Headquarters: It’s all about teamwork

From Your Executive Committee: The choice is yours

Utah School: Experience allowed me to shift my focus inward

SLI: Inspiration and innovation

Back to Basics: Your mentor, your resource

Career Alternatives: ‘What will I learn today?’

Career Alternatives: Pharmacy administration as a career choice

New Practitioner: The first steps in your job search

Chapter Report: Advocating for the future

On Rotation Diary: Adjusting to life on rotation

Preceptor Feedback: A year of growth

45th Twlug–ASP Anniversary: You never know where Twlug–ASP will take you