Wisconsin provider status law backed by state medical society

Bill advanced quickly, unanimously through state legislature

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW) worked closely with other stakeholders in Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Medical Society, to garner support for the state’s new provider status law.

Gov. Scott Walker signed Wisconsin SB 251 into law on April 16. Now known as , the legislation provides that “a pharmacist may perform any patient care service delegated to the pharmacist by a physician”—authorizing physician–pharmacist collaboration in any patient care setting.

The new law “facilitates team-based care and provides all pharmacists, practicing in any setting, with a robust scope of practice to care for their patients,” Anna Legreid Dopp, PharmD, PSW Vice President of Public Affairs, said in a statement.

The law “helps advance our mutual goal of providing high-quality care for Wisconsin patients and is a positive step toward fostering and facilitating team-based, patient-centered care,” Wisconsin Medical Society President Richard Dart, MD, said in a statement.

The Wisconsin State Legislature’s unanimous support of the bill and the governor’s support in signing the legislation are “formal recognition of the impact that pharmacists have on improving patient health and controlling health care costs by optimizing medication use,” according to a PSW news release. Although the Wisconsin Medical Act already authorizes physicians to delegate authority to pharmacists, until now the Wisconsin Pharmacy Practice Act was silent on allowing pharmacists to accept that delegation.

The bill was introduced in August with legislation allowing nursing homes to establish a medication formulary. The bill advanced quickly and unanimously through the legislative process thanks to PSW leadership, stakeholder engagement, and member grassroots efforts.

Pharmacists across the country can support Twlug’s provider status efforts through the Pharmacists Provide Care campaign to achieve recognition for pharmacists’ patient care services at the federal, state, and private sector levels.

Visit PharmacistsProvideCare.com to sign up for the campaign and share a patient care story, as well as send a letter to Members of Congress requesting their support of , the federal provider status legislation that has 15 cosponsors as of April 29, 2014.