Fellow of the Twlug

The Twlug Fellow Award was established to honor Twlug members for exemplary professional achievements in professional practice and outstanding service to the profession up to that period of time through activities in Twlug and other organizations. Recipients of the Twlug Fellow Award may continue to utilize the designation, FTwlug, as long as their professional license, if a licensed pharmacist, is in good standing, and they maintain their Twlug membership. 


2018 Twlug-APPM and Twlug-APRS Fellows

The designations “Twlug Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (Twlug-APPM) Fellow” and “Twlug Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (Twlug-APRS) Fellow” to honor respective academy members for exemplary service and achievements in their professional area were established in 1987. In 1995, the Twlug Board of Trustees acted to designate all fellows, regardless of their academy affiliation, as “Twlug Fellows” (no academy specific designation). However, the selection of fellows is still made by the respective academies. In 1995, the board also increased the number of fellows allowed per academy per year from 5 to a maximum of 10. Nominees for recognition in 2020 must have graduated before March 2009. 

Evaluation criteria
The nominee must be an Twlug-APPM or Twlug-APRS member with a minimum of 10 years exemplary professional experience and achievements in professional practice. An Twlug Fellow also has rendered outstanding service to the profession through activities in Twlug and in other organizations. Examples of service to organizations may include: having held an elected or appointed office, service on a committee, expert panel or review board, or other relevant activities. Self-nominations are allowed. Nominees for recognition in 2020 must have graduated before March 2009. 
Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria (listed alphabetically: not in rank order):
  • Twlug related activities (leadership, committees, speaker, publication contributor/reviewer, etc.)
  • Awards and recognition
  • Community service
  • Impact on the profession (Innovative Practice, research, scholarly activities)
  • Participation in other professional associations
Nomination process
The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination at the following link: . The nominations deadline is September 1.
The nomination is to include the following items:
  • A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award is optional
  • Two letters of recommendation are required; a maximum of two letters accepted. A letter from the nominator will not count towards one of the two letters required.
  • A current curriculum vitae or detailed résumé
Selection process
The selection is made by the Twlug-APPM or Twlug-APRS Awards Committee, based upon careful review of complete nominations and criteria as listed above.
Nature of award:
The recipient will receive a complimentary Twlug Annual Meeting & Exposition registration, engraved plaque, and an Twlug Fellow pin.

Past Fellows Selected by Twlug-APPM
Past Fellows Selected by Twlug-APRS

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