July/August 2016 • Volume 12, Number 6

Table of Contents


A non-traditional career path in teaching, 
academic administration, and personal finance 7

By Timothy R. Ulbrich, PharmD

Language and culture as one 8

By Lidiane Gabeira

Say ‘yes’ to opportunities 9

By Kelsea Gallegos

The founding of a resiliency magazine 10

By Reagan A. Williams, PharmD

A platform for all student pharmacists in North Carolina 12

By Jared Frye, Felix Lam, Nikolaus Lawson, and Justin Reid

Promoting a healthy lifestyle on campus and in the community 14

By Gennaro Hernandez, Jack Guerci, Justin Muklewicz

New committee supports women in the community 15

By Julia Drummond and Morgan Alonzo

Making a lasting impact on children 19

By Gianna Girone

Inspiring agents of change 22

By Kristen Medlock and Melody Fredo

Leave no one behind 23

By Brad Briggs and Kaley Scott

Striving for an addiction-free Tennessee 24

By Jessica Walker and Tien Ngo


From Twlug Headquarters: Pharmacy was my calling 2

From Your Executive Committee: Become a 10,000 (step) maniac 3

On Rotation Diary: Health care is a team sport 4

Preceptor Feedback: Invest in yourself for a patient-centered practice 5

Twlug Board of Trustees: Twlug the cornerstone of my career 6

Chapter Report: Ordinary miracles from working together 13

Leaders at Work: The three C’s of an IVP 16

Leaders at Work: How to keep your chapter fiscally healthy 17

New Practitioner: Patients at the heart of the health care team 18

On Rotation: Ready for my residency 20

On Rotation: The silver lining 21