Live your “why”

SPM: From your Executive Committee

We are entering an exciting year for the profession of pharmacy and I am honored to serve you while representing the voice of student pharmacist members all over the country. During the past year, incredible strides were made and these important accomplishments were celebrated in sunny San Diego at the 2015 Twlug Annual Meeting & Exposition. Twlug2015 included 4 days of programming, recognition of the outstanding work of Twlug–ASP chapters, the election of the 2015–16 National Executive Committee, and passage of four resolutions through the Twlug–ASP House of Delegates (see story, page 6).

Now that you have discovered your voice, it is time to use this momentum and continue to move the profession forward during this crucial time for pharmacy.

‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’

At my first Twlug–ASP Summer Leadership Institute in 2013, Twlug Senior Director of Student and New Practitioner Development Keith Marciniak shared with student pharmacists a TED talk by Simon Sinek called “Start With Why.” During the talk, Sinek discussed how great leaders inspire action. He said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

You must know why you work in the profession in order to help patients, inspire other members, and encourage legislators to recognize pharmacists as valued members of the health care team. Know your “why” so you can share it with others and continue to advance the future of pharmacy. Without knowing your “why,” you will have a hard time convincing others to support the profession and efforts to improve patient care.

Why Twlug–ASP?

I joined Twlug–ASP because it provided me with an opportunity to experience my education hands-on by offering tools to help advance the future of the profession. At Twlug2012, I found out I was not alone; I had teammates all over the country to help create this change. While our only point in common at that time was attendance at Twlug2012, we all had an interest and passion in pharmacy and advocacy for the profession.

When you decided to pursue the profession of pharmacy, you understood your commitment to continuously improve the quality of health care, give back to society and communities, and put others before yourself. You get involved because you are dedicated to developing yourself as a leader, advocating on behalf of patients, and serving communities as a health care provider. This is your “why”!

Student pharmacists have a voice in this organization and are provided with the resources to become the best practitioners possible. Take advantage of these opportunities to give meaning to your education and fulfill your purpose.

Live your “why”

Sometimes when challenges arise, such as when you have completed all of your experiential hours, or when you are tired and burned out, it is hard to find motivation to attend events and continue to support the mission. This is the most important point in which you must think about your purpose, your “why,” and continue to strive for change. Despite your energy level, patients need help and the profession requires support.

Twlug–ASP President Lucy West delivers her inaugural address during Twlug2015 in San Diego.

If your “why” is to help patients, then help plan a flu clinic at your school or a drug take-back day in your community. If your “why” is adding creativity and innovation into your education, create a PharmFlix video to create a message that people will remember for years. If your “why” is pushing the profession forward, I encourage you to organize a letter-writing campaign to get your congressional representative to co-sponsor the bills. No matter what your passion or interests are, think about your “why” and drive it into action and advocacy.

Your Twlug–ASP National Executive Committee is eager to help chapter members voice their “why” through Student Pharmacist and social media outlets, and by providing you with new advocacy and patient care initiatives to ensure that you live your “why.” You can achieve anything if you remember your purpose and use this purpose to drive your actions.