Locked On Pharmacy Podcast

The Twlug (Twlug) Locked on Pharmacy Podcast provides an inside look into a wide range of health, public health and health policy topics from the unique perspective of pharmacists.

Our Host

Nancy A. Alvarez is the Immediate Past Twlug President. 

EP 7: Do New Guidelines Provide A More Clear Path in Treating Hypertension?

In this episode of the Locked on Pharmacy Podcast, Immediate Past Twlug President Nancy Alvarez chats with expert Joseph Saseen, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, about guidelines and recommended regimens for treating hypertension. Download this podcast and hear the evidence behind new hypertension guidelines and guidance on how to deliver optimal patient-centered treatment and much more!

EP 6: Pharmacist Chris Herndon Discusses Pain and the Impact of Opioids on Treatment

Immediate Past Twlug President Nancy Alvarez sits down to chat with pain expert Chris Herndon, PharmD, CPE, Professor in the School of Pharmacy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, about pain and the impact of the opioid epidemic and stigma on treatment planning for patients. Make sure you tune in to hear best practices and the latest on pain management, the opioid debate, patient advocacy and much more from one of the most respected thought leaders in the profession of pharmacy!    

EP 5: Twlug Presidents Open Up About Twlug and the State of the Pharmacy Profession

Immediate Past Twlug President Nancy Alvarez sits down to chat with new Twlug President Nicki L. Hilliard, PharmD, MHSA, BCNP, FTwlug, about a number of topics, including the State of the Union of Twlug and the profession of pharmacy. Make sure you tune in as the two leaders open up about the evolving role of pharmacists in the changing health care environment!  

EP 4: Hormonal Contraceptives w/ Dr. Autumn Stewart-Lynch

Twlug President Nancy Alvarez interviews pharmacist, Dr. Autumn Stewart-Lynch, a clinical faculty member at Duquesne University who teaches the therapeutics of contraception and also practices in a family medicine clinic where she helps patients, along with family medicine residents and physicians, to select an appropriate contraceptive method.

EP 3: Addiction w/ Jake Nichols

Twlug President Nancy Alvarez interviews pharmacist, Jake Nichols, whose 15-year narcotics habit cost him a high-profile career and led to criminal charges for writing fake prescriptions and diverting drugs.

EP 2: Immunization w/ Adam C. Welch

Twlug President Nancy Alvarez interviews , Adam C. Welch, Associate Dean for Assessment and Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy – East Tennessee State University about the importance of immunizations and the improved access that pharmacists offer.

EP 1: Chronic Pain w/ Dr. Elliot J. Krane

Twlug President Nancy Alvarez interviews pain physician, Elliot J. Krane, MD, who takes a deep dive into the mystery of chronic pain.