Learn the management skills necessary to be an effective leader. Manage360 is a virtual management skills training program that covers topics and tactics that will help you gain the confidence needed to serve as a manager and leader.

Topic Areas

Building Relationships: A Pharmacist's Guide to Interprofessional Relationships and Cultural Competence
This activity will explore the relationships we form with different individuals, on a professional basis, and the importance of our relationships in helping us deliver the best possible patient care.

How to Calm the Storm: Managing Conflict in the Workplace
This activity will explore conflict management and dispute resolution techniques that will help you to effectively and confidently manage conflict in your practice.

Organizing Your Time and Priorities
This activity will explore strategies for organizing your time and priorities effectively, so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Job Satisfaction and Coping with Stress
This activity will explore the causes of job-related stress and help you learn how to deal with stress in a constructive manner.

Don’t Mess with Stress: Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to Develop Resilience 
This activity will explore issues such as occupational stress and burnout and provide tools to help you cope with these issues. 

Kindness Goes Far: Creating a Positive Culture in Your Workplace 
This activity will explore workplace culture and civility and provide strategies for building a positive practice. 

Concepts of Communication: Using Diplomacy to Create Effective Conversations

This activity will explore communication strategies for cultivating a team environment through the diplomatic expression of ideas and concerns.

The Feedback Loop: Constructive Criticism for Improving Productivity 

This activity will explore the concepts, benefits, and importance of constructive criticism.