New Practitioner Launch Kit

2017 Graduates - Join Twlug today and LAUNCH your career with these New Practitioner benefits!

Twlug membership helps New Practitioners start their careers off right! Twlug has programs and resources in place to help you make a smooth transition from pharmacy school to new practitioner, resident, or postgraduate.

Build Your Support System

The Twlug New Practitioner Network (NPN) offers webinars, articles in the Transitions e-newsletter, and discussion on our Facebook page about issues you’ll face, including supervisory training and how to lead colleagues who have more experience. This year’s grads will be plugged into a network of experienced recent grads who were just in their shoes and now have the knowledge and experience to pass on. As a member of the NPN, you will immediately inherit a new squad of mentors ready to help guide you.

Start Your Career

Twlug is the starting point to begin your career.

Build Your Career

It is never too early to begin thinking about life-long learning to keep up with all the changes in pharmacy. Twlug’s Educational Library links you to more than 80 CPE opportunities, all free to members. Advanced training, publications, drug information resources, and more are also available for New Practitioners!

Manage the Details
  • Select Transitions e-newsletter articles
  • Professional Liability Insurance: NPs in their first year of practice are eligible for a 50% discount on liability insurance through our partner . The insurance your employer carries may not provide all the protection you need. Get a quote today!


Visit  Top Ten Reasons to Join for a complete list of benefits.


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