One to One awardees advance patient care

Twlug announces 2013 One to One Patient Counseling Recognition awards

The One to One Patient Counseling Recognition Program honors 20 pharmacists and five student pharmacists who go the extra mile to help each and every patient who walks through the pharmacy doors. For this remarkable group, patient counseling is more than a job, it’s a passion. Supported by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the program is in its 10th year. Pharmacy Today and Student Pharmacist are proud to feature these pharmacists and student pharmacists for connecting with patients to make sure they understand their medications and medical conditions.

Pharmacist and student pharmacist awardees received complimentary registration for the 2013 Twlug Annual Meeting & Exposition and support for travel to the meeting. Pharmacists chosen for honorable mention each received a free copy of Twlug’s Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care.

Pharmacist awardees

Alessandra Baran, PharmD

Baran, Pharmacy Manager at J.E. Pierce Apothecary, an independent compounding pharmacy in Brookline, MA, always puts her patients first. Baran visits homebound patients to demonstrate proper use of their medications when they need help using their inhalers or eye drops, or if they are unable to follow written or phone directions. She develops innovative ways to overcome adherence barriers, such as printing larger prescription labels for older patients or creating dosing calendars for complicated regimens. 

Wai Yee Chan, BSPharm

Staff pharmacist Chan has successfully advanced immunization practice at Pavilions Pharmacy in Laguna Beach, CA. She is one of the pharmacy’s top immunizers and always takes the time to help patients. Chan was the first pharmacist in the company to administer a Vivitrol shot ventrogluetally and paved the way for pharmacists to help other patients who need this medication.

Janelle Douglas, PharmD

Douglas, Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens in Fayetteville, AR, breaks through adherence barriers by helping patients develop a plan for timing medication administration and adding new medications to their schedules. She maintains a stock of demo devices so that patients can practice administration with her and have the opportunity to ask questions. Douglas is an advocate for medication therapy management and helped develop training programs for 36 pharmacies and more than 100 pharmacists in the area.

Emily Hensley Shafer, PharmD

Shafer, Pharmacy Manager at Dominick’s Pharmacy in Chicago, always finds opportunities to counsel patients about their medications and overall health. For example, when an 8-year-old girl came in to pick up her new prescription for an albuterol inhaler, Shafer met with the family, explained the importance of proper inhaler technique, and discussed methods for keeping the girl’s newly diagnosed asthma under control.

Jim Kinscherff, BSPharm

Kinscherff, Pharmacy Manager at Cub Pharmacy in Freeport, IL, keeps medical costs down for patients by collaborating with a local health clinic to provide certain lab tests at lower costs. Kinscherff is also active in his community. He promoted a health fair by going on the local radio to talk about pharmacy services. Kinscherff provided counseling about hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and weight management at a community health screening event.

Casey Lesnar, PharmD

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Lesnar has a great rapport with his patients and knows each of them by name. At his practice site in Sioux Falls, SD, Lesnar counsels patients in the OTC aisles of the pharmacy and takes the time to make sure each patient understands their medication. Lesnar once saved a patient’s life after taking the patient’s pulse. He insisted that the patient get help right away and called an ambulance.

Kajua Betsy Lor, PharmD, BCACP

Lor is a clinical pharmacist at Community Health Clinic Ole, a federally qualified health center in Vallejo, CA. She is concerned about her patients’ medical conditions and overall well-being, and treats every patient as if they were a family member. Lor is fluent in English, Hmong, and Spanish, and is also an Assistant Professor at the Touro University California College of Pharmacy.

Shanna Luber, BSPharm

Luber is a pharmacist at Walgreens Health Systems Pharmacy in Oklahoma City. Located inside of a physician building that is connected to a metropolitan hospital, Luber cares for chronically ill patients with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and cancer. Her patients often need counseling about specialty medications. Luber listens to her patients, looks for solutions to their health care needs, and treats each patient with care and dignity.

Olivia Ochoa, PharmD

For Ochoa, patients are her top priority. As the Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens in Tulsa, OK, her patients trust her knowledgeable advice and value her opinion. Ochoa has a loyal following of patients who often refuse to speak to anyone else. In fact, one patient moved out of state but still calls Ochoa for counseling and advice about medications. She believes in empowering patients with knowledge to improve outcomes.

Angelin Rahnavardan, PharmD

Rahnavardan, Pharmacy Manager at Target Pharmacy in Van Nuys, CA, strives to create the “mom and pop” feel of a small, independent pharmacy. She provides genuine care and has created long-lasting relationships with patients. In addition to providing extensive counseling, Rahnavardan helps her patients overcome financial hurdles including identifying insurance discounts, finding manufacturer rebates, and asking physicians to change to a lower cost generic alternative.

Student awardees

Page Crew

As an intern at Liberty Pharmacy, Crew, a third-year student pharmacist at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, knows all the right questions to ask a patient before making a recommendation. She is always in the OTC aisles assisting patients with finding products and answering their questions. Crew was involved with a project in Ghana, where she counseled patients about prescription medications and eye care.

Steve Kim

A proactive student pharmacist at the Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Kim exhibits commanding leadership qualities and a passion for patient care. Kim integrates effective communication, knowledge, and compassion at an internship at Kaiser Permanente Antioch Outpatient Pharmacy. He volunteers regularly at multiple student run clinics for underserved patients and immunization events to promote public health.

Sheena Merwine

A final-year student at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Pharmacy, Merwine is known for her natural ability to communicate with patients. This talent serves her well when counseling patients in diverse care situations including a community pharmacy and a long-term care facility, where she administered influenza vaccines to patients in a caring and respectful manner.

Victoria Sansom

Sansom, a student pharmacist at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, was instrumental in assisting the faculty with launching a pilot community pharmacy project, “Expert-in-the-Aisle,” where she stepped out from behind the counter and spent time interacting with, engaging, and counseling patients in the OTC aisles. Her passion and selflessness positively influenced patients’ perceptions and increased the likelihood of patients engaging pharmacists in the future.

Taryn Thompson

Thompson, a fourth-year student pharmacist at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, interacts directly with patients through disease state management programs at a 340B pharmacy. With a sense of confidence and professionalism, Thompson collects a medication history, identifies drug therapy problems, and educates patients about how to manage their conditions. She is approachable and knowledgeable when answering questions from her patients.