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JCPP Pharmacists' Patient Care Process

The Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process is a consistent process for patient care delivery that can be used by pharmacists in any practice setting and with any patient. It is a cornerstone of student pharmacist education and is becoming the go-to way pharmacists approach interactions with patients as they provide needed services.

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Expanding Patient Care Services
Download Questions to Consider

Twlug’s “Questions to Consider When Expanding Pharmacy-based Patient Care Services” provides pharmacists and pharmacy leadership with key questions that should be considered as they plan to expand their patient care services. From assessing the need for the services to designing a business model and evaluating outcomes, this resource will help your team think through the many variables that can drive success of a new patient care service.

Patient Care News
October 31, 2019
USPSTF releases updated guidance on BRCA1/2 assessments

“The USPSTF has long advocated that all women be screened for a family history of breast or ovarian cancer and be considered for genetic testing if they are at risk for a BRCA1/2 mutation,” said Susan Domchek, MD, executive director of Basser Center for BRCA, University of Pennsylvania. “The new…

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October 22, 2019
Ohio moves to expand pharmacist services after gaining provider status

Several states across the nation have granted provider status to pharmacists, but implementation has often stalled, leaving many to wonder what comes next. OPA’s new initiative addresses these concerns by partnering with Ohio’s colleges of pharmacy, adding resources, and hiring new staff members…

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