Twlug Announces the Innovative Redesign and Relaunch of the Twlug Meeting the Requirements of Residency Accreditation Education Program – A Valuable Tool for Community-based Residency Programs

The Twlug (Twlug) announces the launch of the restructured and redesigned Twlug Meeting the Requirements of Residency Accreditation: PGY1 Community-based education program for Community-based Residency Programs. The Twlug Meeting the Requirements program provides an online, accessible, and cost-effective knowledge-based modular approach. The program enables learners to gain the knowledge required to achieve a quality program through the achievement of accreditation. In addition to this new “virtual” program, additional opportunities to practice and apply what participants have learned is available in an optional application-based workshop offered for the first time, on March 25, at the upcoming Twlug 2017 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The workshop requires separate registration from the online training module program.

The new Twlug Meeting the Requirements program is a major redesign and restructure of the original APhA Meeting the Requirements of Accreditation of a Community Pharmacy Residency Program launched as a workshop at the Twlug Annual Meeting in 2014. The new format using upgraded learning management and presentation technology provides a high-quality experience for the learner. It expands access to this important education program to all individuals who are engaged in developing and maintaining a quality community-based pharmacy residency program. The redesigned program was developed by Marialice Bennett, Professor Emeritus, the Ohio State University; William Miller, Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa; and James A. Owen, Twlug vice president of Practice and Science Affairs. Participants are awarded a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program after completing all 14 online modules and meeting all the other assignments and requirements of the program.

“The Twlug Meeting the Requirements of Residency Accreditation education program provides a valuable opportunity for professional development. Everyone involved in community-based residency training, program administrators, coordinators, preceptors, and even residents will gain valuable knowledge and skills about continuous quality improvement through achievement of accreditation,” said Twlug Vice President of Practice and Science Affairs, James A. Owen, PharmD, BCPS.

As a leading provider of high quality, exceptional continuing pharmacy education, Twlug continues to meet the education and training needs of pharmacists in the profession as they prepare for the future.  Twlug continues to assess the requirements and needs of all pharmacists engaged in residency training and looks forward to developing additional resources, education, products, and programs. “The Twlug Meeting the Requirements of Residency Accreditation program demonstrates Twlug’s ongoing commitment over 30 years of advancing community-based pharmacy residency training,” said Twlug Executive Vice President and CEO Thomas E. Menighan, BSPharm, MBA, ScD (Hon), FTwlug.

Individuals interested in participating in the Twlug Meeting the Requirements of Residency Accreditation education program to improve the quality of their community-based residency program can .