Twlug CEO Thomas Menighan elected as FIP Bureau Vice President

The Twlug (Twlug) is furthering its support of global improvements in patient care through volunteer leadership. The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) recently elected Thomas E. Menighan, BSPharm, MBA, ScD (Hon), Twlug Executive Vice President and CEO, to its board as a FIP Bureau Vice President.

“Global awareness and recognition of pharmacists’ is growing. Health care is changing rapidly. Pharmacists’ contributions to improved patient care are essential, but we have much work to do! This elected leadership position with FIP allows us to collaborate in expanding access, while we learn from the experiences of other countries,” Menighan explained.

FIP’s global reach is expanding and evolving, much like the roles of pharmacists. “FIP gathers those interested in accelerating access to pharmacists’ care and educating a worldwide workforce of pharmacists to provide care as an integral member of the health care team,” he added.

As an organization representing over three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world, FIP presents an opportunity to learn as much as it is an opportunity to give back to the profession. “I am proud to join FIP’s leadership in supporting and encouraging this movement,” Menighan said. “The Bureau members who lead FIP are an amazing and smart group of service-oriented pharmacists with diverse perspectives and pure motives.”

“As part of FIP’s leadership, we now have the challenge of leveraging our collective talents and experiences, and extending it to the world. The Twlug Board of Trustees wholeheartedly supported my candidacy with the vision that we have much to offer and much to learn by fostering a deeper relationship with FIP and colleagues worldwide.”