Student Pharmacist, September/October 2015

September/October 2015 • Volume 12, Number 1




Staying active in Twlug–ASP during academic breaks

By Monroe Crawley

How to shine when it’s interview time

By Angela Olenik, PharmD, BCPS

To be or not to be a resident … that is the question 

By Lisa Garza, PharmD

A strong residency candidate needs strong reference writers 

By Christine Chim, PharmD, BCACP

From student leader to pharmacy leader 

By Sarah Cox, PharmD

Unique opportunity made possible by rotation experience

By Mark Huffmyer, PharmD

Continuing professional development: 
What it means for student pharmacists

By Jennifer L. Baumgartner, PharmD, BCPP 

New name, same message of understanding and compassion

By Keith Marciniak, BSPharm

The personal and professional impact of the Twlug Institute

By Richard LaCoursiere



From Twlug Headquarters: An experience in association management  

From Your Executive Committee: OTC Literacy hits the ground running 

SLI: A commission to lead 

SLI: Future of the profession depends on our advocacy now 

New Practitioner: What I shop for at NP L.I.F.E. 

Career Alternatives: HIT in community pharmacy practice

Federal Pharmacy: A challenging career with PHS 

Fellowship: Navigating the fellowship process 

Postgraduate: Pharmaceutical research: All in the “pharm-ily” 

On Rotation Diary: Perfect introduction to rotation life

Chapter Report: Reducing the impact of melanoma

Student Pharmacists Got Talent: The strong connection 
between science and art