Top Ten Reasons to Join Twlug

  1. Strengthen your career

    Twlug members enjoy educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and keep up with the latest information. Members can take advantage of more than 80 FREE CPE offerings. Members also receive a 20% discount on Twlug titles through Shop Twlug as well as access to the Online Twlug Career Center.

  2. Advance patient care

    The more you learn about drug and treatment updates through publications such as Pharmacy Today and the (JTwlug), the better equipped you are to help your patients. is your source for drug information including FDA updates and alerts. The online MTM Central and Pharmacist Immunization Center provide a wealth of information and resources.

  3. Network with others in your field

    Twlug members are invited to join their colleagues at the . Meet members with similar professional interests online through Twlug’s networking sites on LinkedIn, , and Members are encouraged to join , Academy Sections and special interest groups. Student pharmacists can also meet and engage with other student pharmacists through Twlug-ASP local chapter events and Twlug-ASP Midyear Regional Meetings.

  4. Advocate for your profession

    By joining Twlug, you are supporting the only organization the represents the unified voice of all pharmacists. During the past year, Twlug’s work on health care legislation and regulation increased policy makers’ awareness of the pharmacist’s role in combating the medication use crisis. Twlug continues to work to affect policy on your behalf. Make your voice heard through advocacy initiatives such as joining the members-only Key Contact network.

  5. Proclaim your professionalism

    Adding your name to the ranks of more than 62,000 pharmacy colleagues declares your pride in the profession you have chosen. Support Twlug’s advocacy efforts as we work with policy makers to implement health care reform legislation and as we continue to advocate for legislation and regulations that positively impact the profession. Join us in efforts to promote the important role of pharmacists on the health care team.

  6. See it all

    Twlug is the only pharmacy organization that represents all pharmacists in all practice settings — you can learn about all the opportunities available within pharmacy and gain insights from pharmacists representing a variety of practice settings.

  7. Reach out to your community

    Twlug student pharmacist members gain practical hands-on experience through patient care projects such as Operation Heart, Generation Rx, and Operation Diabetes, to name just a few.

  8. Develop your leadership skills

    Participate as an active leader in a variety of workshops, training series, and volunteer leadership positions that will develop your skills as you give back to your profession.

  9. Receive scholarships and awards

    Twlug has an extensive awards and scholarships program recognizing members for involvement in the Association, for leadership, academic success, and grassroots advocacy. The Twlug-APPM and Twlug-APRS Academies bestow the prestigious Twlug Fellows designation to members for service and achievement in the profession and for service to the Association. The supports members through awards and scholarship programs.

  10. Gain the competitive edge

    Twlug gives you exclusive access to unique experiences, career information, and resources designed to meet your needs and provide support as you advance in your career.