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Twlug Seeks Pharmacy Practices Engaged in Tobacco Cessation Efforts

The Twlug is seeking pharmacists routinely involved in providing cessation interventions for individuals who use tobacco products. Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to serve as a valuable health care resource to increase quit attempts and successful quits among tobacco users. Through this project, three to four pharmacy practice sites will be selected and highlighted in a promising practices document describing how pharmacists have operationalized prescribing authority, improved access to patient treatment, and developed sustainable cessation programs.

If your practice has any experience in the following areas related to tobacco cessation, we would like to hear from you. Sites will be screened via email, interviewed by phone and then selected.

  • The pharmacy practice environment and patient populations served by the cessation service, specifically vulnerable populations
  • The cessation service, including the number of patients, the makeup of the care team, the role of the pharmacist in service development and delivery, and the type of data collected about the service
  • Metrics or outcomes that demonstrate the value of the service and its impact on patient care
  • Implementation barriers and strategies used by practices to overcome these barriers
  • Scope of practice considerations in developing and implementing the cessation intervention service, including the existence of collaborative practice agreements or protocols that facilitate care and any state or local facilitators of care delivery
  • The sustainability of the service, including reimbursement models in place for cessation services

If you are providing cessation services and would like to be considered to be profiled for this valuable resource, please Jann Skelton, Project Coordinator at [email protected] by November 22, 2019. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name, title/role, and phone number
  • The name and location of the practice(s) providing cessation services
  • A statement (no more than 300 words) describing how your practice site’s cessation service qualifies as a promising practice based on the criteria categories.


Questions About Volunteering?

Contact Virginia Suitor at [email protected]

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